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The RDA Tasmania team of dedicated individuals at State and Centre level, are integral to RDA's mission towards providing opportunities for anyone with a disability to enjoy safe, healthy, therapeutic, horse-related activities.

The RDA Tasmania Board Members and Executive Officer oversee everything that is "RDA" in Tasmania. Some have horsey backgrounds and some are not-so-horsey, but they all share one thing in common and that is to contribute their individual areas of expertise and knowledge towards shaping the future of RDA in Tasmania. 

The Centre Manager, Coaches, lesson day volunteers and volunteers who help out in other areas, work tirelessly as a team to ensure their Centre can provide valuable RDA programs to clients in a safe and engaging environment. 

RDAT PEOPLE and postions ...


Board Member

Jack Suridge

Board Member


Stephanie Huizing

Jordan Bush

Technical Support​

Jordan Bush

Board Member
Vice Chair

Stephanie Mirowski

Claudia Nevah

EO, State Coaching Coordinator &
Level 1 Coach

Claudia Nevah

Sue Cole

Web Media


Sue Cole

Board Member

Suzy Levy

Pauline Perry

Tasmanian Based 

National Assessor

Pauline Perry

RDA South PEOPLE ...

RDA Tasmania Coaches

RDA Tasmania Coaches are qualified under the RDAA National Coaching Accreditation Scheme.


Coaching responsibilities include planning and running lessons, training volunteers, ensuring the safety of all participants (both riders and volunteers) on a riding day, and overseeing the selection and training of RDA horses.


We are always looking for more Coaches to enable us to offer more riding days and riding places as we have an extensive waiting list. If you are interested in becoming an accredited RDA Coach please contact our State Coaching Coordinator.

Centre Coaches

RDA Tasmania volunteers

Where would we be without our Centre volunteers? We are fortunate to have wonderful teams of volunteers who give up their time and expertise to help on lesson days, with Centre maintenance, feeding horses, fundraising activities, and in so many more ways.

Volunteers come and go and our Centre, RDA South, is always looking for new volunteers to lend a helping hand. Previous horse experience or working with people with additional needs is not necessary as all training is provided. Please contact RDA South to find out more information about volunteering with RDA and how you can become a part of our volunteer team.

Centre Volunteers

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