RDA Tasmania is an entirely voluntary, not for profit organisation. Our Centres provide equine services to anyone with a disability; offering opportunities to enjoy safe, healthy, stimulating and therapeutic horse-related activities. 

our Mission

RDA enables people with disabilities throughout Australia to experience enjoyment, challenge and a sense of achievement through participation in equestrian activities to improve their quality of life, attain personal goals and develop life skills.

our Vision

We are dedicated to providing these services through an organisation that is
Relevant, Innovative, Effective and Rewarding. Operated by trained and caring people committed to our aims now and in the future, RDA is recognised as having active involvement within the equestrian and general communities.

our Values

RDA is Excellence

RDA is not always about competition but is always about striving for the best; personally, professionally and practically.

RDA is Inclusive

RDA is a welcoming place where we strive to include all Australians from different backgrounds, genders and abilities.

RDA is Respect

RDA is a safe environment, where individuals are treated with respect and are respectful towards others and the organisation they care about.

RDA is Innovative

RDA is always demonstrating that looking at things differently can change a life; RDA encourages new ways of thinking and doing in every field.

RDA is Community

RDA is made up of many communities, working together towards enriching the lives of people with disabilities locally, nationally and worldwide.

Annual Reports

2020 RDA Tasmania Annual Report


2019 RDA Tasmania Annual Report


2018 RDA Tasmania Annual Report