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Standards for Helmets

RDA activities include unmounted tasks such as leading and grooming horses. RDA Australia will follow industry standards for use of equestrian helmets. Standards will be reviewed and modified from time to time in line with changes in industry standards and risk management practices within RDA. 

All participants in the RDA program are required to wear approved equestrian helmets whilst undertaking activities; except where exemptions apply (see "Helmet Exemptions" in the Standards for Helmet PDF file). Minimum standards for helmets that are used in RDA activities must meet one of the Australian or US standards for equestrian use. The following standards are accepted:


  • ASNZ 3838 (Australia & New Zealand Standard)

  • ASTM F1163 (USA Standard) or PAS 015


(Please note: the European standard EN1384 is no longer accepted from 1 January 2016.)

FILENAME: Standards for Helmet (RDAA 1502V2).pdf

VERSION: Version 2 – February 2015