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Risk Management

All forms of equestrian participation involve some level of risk. Working with animals that are unpredictable and physically bigger and stronger than the people who work with them, together with the inconsistent nature of people, creates a situation in which the potential for risk of injury or accident may be high.

The National Council of RDA Australia has endorsed this policy as a national document in order to ensure that:

  • RDA activities are conducted in the safest possible environment;

  • All personnel involved are aware of risk issues and are trained to minimise risk;

  • That RDAA is able to verify objectively that safety at RDA is a major priority; and

  • That RDA is able to continue to access affordable insurance cover for our activities based on a low claims record.

FILENAME: Risk Management Guidelines, Policy and Procedure (RDAA 1507).pdf

VERSION: 31/07/2015

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