RDA St. Helens

Location: 22 Skyline Drive,


Postal Address: PO Box 345,

St Helens, TAS 7216

Contact: Cindy King

Phone: 0427 707 410

Riding days: Thursday & Saturday

RDA South

Location: 500 Kalang Avenue, Glenorchy

Postal Address: PO Box 597,

Kingston, Tas 7051

Contact: Lisa Dolliver

Phone: 0407 202 710

Riding days: Tuesday & Thursday

What is needed to start up a new centre in your Community?


If you believe there is an unmet need for RDA programs in your community why not consider starting up a centre. Here is what you need to get started:


  • A suitable venue - This will need to be accredited by RDA Tasmania to ensure it meets safety standards.

  • You will need a strong core-team to start your own centre committee.  You will need people willing to do certain office-bearing roles such as President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary.

  • You will need one or more existing or those willing to train as a level 1 coach. This is a time-consuming process so allow at least a year to obtain the training.

  • Of course the essential ingredient in any RDA centre is horses.  We recommend a range of sizes to cater for a diverse group of riders. They can be agisted on site or transported in for programs. 

  • Of course the key to success is a good level of interest for both riders and volunteers in your local community.

  • As all centres in Tasmania are incorporated you will very much require your own constitution that adapts the framework of RDA Tasmania. 


For more information or to register your interest in commencing a new centre in your community please contact our administration officer.