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Incident Management Policy & Procedure

RDA Tasmania is committed to creating safe, fair, inclusive and enjoyable environments for everyone associated with our activities and seeks to prevent any incidents or near misses. However, if an incident occurs, RDA Tasmania ensures these are properly investigated and resolved. 

This process includes identifying contributing factors of the accident/incident or near miss and making the necessary recommendations to prevent re-occurrence. Please refer to our Incident Management and Policy Procedure for more information.

FILENAME: Incident management policy and procedure (RDA Tas 2004V1).pdf

VERSION: Version 1 - April 2020

NDIS Incident Fact Sheets

The NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission is an independent agency established to improve the quality and safety of NDIS supports and services.

If an NDIS participant is impacted by an incident in an RDA related activity, as a registered NDIS provider, RDA Tasmania are obligated to report the incident to the NDIS Commission. The following information provides links to the NDIS Commission website where you can access the documents to explain what types of incidents RDA Tasmania are obligated to report and what happens when an incident is reported.


This Fact Sheet is for participants and explains RDA Tasmania's obligations as an NDIS provider as to why we have to report incidents, what information needs to be shared and what the NDIS Commission will do when they receive information about an incident.


This fact sheet explains the types of incidents that RDA Tasmania are required to report to the NDIS Commission and if we are obligated to report to multiple bodies.

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